Wilbert Das

Wilbert Das's youth was spent living close to nature on a farm in the Dutch countryside. At 19 he left to study fashion at the revered Academy of Fine Arts in Arnhem, and from 1988 - 2009 worked as a designer and creative director in partnership with some of Italy's largest fashion, furniture, lighting and textile companies. 

UXUA was born in 2009 inspired by a love of travel and a visit to a remarkable corner of the world where industrial processes were never embraced, a tropical paradise which Wilbert discovered was a perfect setting for crafting distinct, contemporary design using antique artisanal skills and a whole community's passion for tradition and beauty.

UXUA the word comes from the Pataxó indian language, and means 'wonderful'. UXUA the products come from Trancoso, and carry the authentic spirit and energy of the town's people.